Welcome to the website of “Neil Diamond Memories”

Neil Diamond is a legendary musician who has sold more than 130 million records in 50 years. The in New York born music legend, made his international success due to his charisma, a strong live reputation and of course loads of immortal hits. “Sweet Caroline”, “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”, “Solitary Man”, “I Am…I Said”, “Cracklin’ Rosie”…

The list is endless, the songs are timeless.

The Dutch Neil Diamond Memories Band with international aim, will take you back to the glory days of Neil in the 70 ‘s. Esspecially his legendary concerts “Hot August Night” and “Love at the Greek”.

The musicians playing his music are professional, enthusiastic, and have proven their capabilities in theatres, festivals, and various music projects.

Together they share the passion for the legendary concerts that Neil gave, when he was at its height as a singer-songwriter and performer.

The Neil Diamond Memories band is inspired by the chemistry and emotion that showed off during these concerts. Come enjoy an arousing show, inspired by the energetic sounds of his most prized masterpieces. Not only for the real fans, also highly recommended for all music lovers!